Announcing Sail: The universal standard for instant dev envs

Announcing Sail: The universal standard for instant dev envs

Coder’s objective with Sail is to accelerate workflow through the orchestration of the development environment. Two months ago, we released code-server . Code-server separates Visual Studio Code’s frontend and backend so you could use VS Code on a remote server. To date we’ve amassed over 19k GitHub stars and 1.4 million docker pulls, validating our vision for the future of development.

Today we release Sail . A universal workflow for reproducible, project-defined development environments. Sail allows projects to define their own development environment via a single Dockerfile. With Sail, projects can be opened in a dedicated environment right from GitHub or GitLab. It eliminates the “It worked on my machine” problem. Sail environments run code-server, providing an experience that feels local, but dedicated to the project at hand. More supported editors are just around the corner. Stop setting up environments, share workflow improvements, and collaborate not only on code, but on how the code is written.


Install it now , or check out the GitHub .

— The Coder Team